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There are a variety of reasons to tint your commercial or residential windows. Usually, the main concern is fading but some of the other major factors in considering “Do I need to tint my windows?” would include excessive heat or glare, security and-or privacy concerns.

Fading is primarily caused by a combination of 4 main components:

  • visible light (glare) 25%
  • heat 25%
  • ultraviolet light 40%
  • miscellaneous wear and tear 10%

The Visible Light and Ultraviolet light are the two main components when it comes to visible fading that you can see. The heat wears down the integrity of the surface making it easier to fade.

Window Film Works to Reduce Summertime heat gain while minimizing wintertime heat loss. It rejects heat from entering the room while reflecting the interior energy back into the work. It also acts as a security measure by holding the glass together in case it were somehow to break. Instead of shattering and falling into the room, the glass would actually remain in place and be held together by the film.

Most Glass Manufacturers void the warranty if film is applied. (It should be noted however, that in many instances they also void warranties for blinds, shading devices, draperies & cling-ons as well) However, through our Manufacturer, we are able to offer all customers a lifetime Residential Warranty and a 15 year Commercial warranty on the film itself. The warranty also provides a 5 Year Glass Breakage, 3 Year Seal Failure warranty for up to $500 per pane of glass. For Residential customers, there is the optional Vista Gold Warranty which will take your current Manufacturer’s Warranty and underwrite it and cover it exactly as would the original Glass Manufacturer.

The correct Window Film will not cause your windows to break. There are certain films that cannot be used on dual or triple-paned glass but as long as those guidelines are followed, the glass will not break because of the film. There are some instances where after the film is put on the glass, there is glass breakage but this is not because of the film. Occasionally (1 out of every 750 windows) there is a small fracture or sliver along the edge of the glass underneath the frame. When film is applied, it will enhance any flaws and cause them to expand, thus resulting in a broken pane of glass. When this happens, there is warranty coverage for the glass and the window will be re-filmed at no cost to the consumer. For any further questions, please contact our office and we’ll be happy to help you out in any way possible.

Midwest Glass Tinters is the Most Experienced Window Tinting Company in the Midwestern United States with almost 37 years of experience. We are fully insured and have a list of over 40,000 satisfied customers. We also can guarantee that each customer will be dealt with in a professional yet friendly manner as we never subcontract out our work.