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Automotive Window Tint by 3M

Benefits of Auto Window Tinting

Your automobile is one of your most expensive purchases, and quality window tinting is one of the best customizations you can make to increase its look and value. Not only does automotive window tint create a sleek elegant appearance, but it also protects your interior upholstery, dashboard and other appointments from fading. Most importantly, window film screens out the sun’s dangerous UV rays, scorching heat, and blinding glare creating an overall healthier interior environment for you and your passengers.

Tinted windows provide a noticeable difference in the inside temperature of your auto keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Tinted windows also minimize the build-up of frost on your windows during those frigid winter months.

Because tinted windows are laminated with an adhesive film, if they break for any reason – accident, high winds, vandalism, burglars, etc. – the window film will hold the glass shards in place, preventing them from flying loose and injuring you or your passengers.

Tinted windows can also deters thieves by limiting the view of accessories and personal items inside your car.

Accentuates Other Customizations
Window tinting can also enhance other customizations by making chrome accents, paint finishes and other customizations pop.

Why Choose Midwest Glass Tinters?

Midwest Glass Tinters is a national window tinting company that provides consistent, high quality results. Chances are, we’ve probably tinted the car of someone you know since we have been the “go-to” choice for quality window film installation for 36 years, opening in 1979.

  • We provide a dust-free environment preventing debris from harboring between the film and the glass.
  • We will pick up and drop off any vehicle within a 10-mile radius, making it an even more convenient process.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty of our services and products, giving confidence and assurance to all clients knowing that we stand behind our products and our installations.

Advanced Computer Generated Film-Cutting Software

Unlike our competition that cuts by hand, we only use a state of the art computer generated window film plotter. We are able to pull your vehicle’s year, make and model to give an exact and seamless cut each and every time. This also prevents the possibility of scratching the glass.

3M Factory Training

All of our highly skilled installers are factory trained by the industry leaders.

Where Are We Located?

Our automotive window tinting location is conveniently located in Wauconda, IL. Please contact us for a free quote by calling 847-452-4818, or email us at

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