Reduce Unwanted Heat and Glare at Casey's General Store

Reduce Unwanted Heat and Glare at Casey’s General Store

Casey’s General Stores are a staple in the Midwest, just like Midwest Glass Tinters! That is why Midwest Glass Tinters was so happy to be able to help them utilize window film to reduce unwanted heat and glare in their store. After carefully analyzing the situation, our team suggested a window film that enabled them to significantly reduce the heat …

Gold's Gym Uses Window Film for Reducing Heat and Glare

Reducing Heat and Glare for Gold’s Gym with Window Film

All the exercise at the gym makes you hot enough without the sun causing even more of an issue. This Gold’s Gym was having a bad heat and glare issue through their front windows. After our team did a site survey to asses the problem, Midwest Glass Tinters recommended a window film from 3M that is a powerhouse when it …

Reduce Glare with Window Film

Church Uses Window Film to Reduce Glare in the Sanctuary

If you have windows with an East, South or Western exposure, you likely know all too well how bad glare from the sun can be at certain times of the year. While you do not like the glare, you hate to cover up the windows and the view through them. So, what can be done to reduce glare while still …

3M Security Window Film applied to Verizon in Missouri

3M Security Window Film Helps Keep Verizon Wireless Safe

Local wireless phone retail locations are often the target of smash and grab crime as the phones and accessories they have are easily sold online and on the street. Recently, we helped a local Verizon Wireless store in Afton, Missouri address this issue by installing 3M Security Window Film on the storefront windows. This clear window film is applied to …

3M Night Vision Window Film in Missouri

3M Night Vision Window Film Helps Homeowner with Glare & Fading

This homeowner in Fulton, Missouri has a bad problem with glare in their home at certain times of the day. They also has a concern that all of that glare with the accompanying UV rays would cause fading of their valuable furnishings. They contacted Midwest Glass Tinters for a free evaluation of their particular situation. After visiting the property, we …

3M Window Films

Casey’s Uses 3M Window Films to Improve Comfort

Casey’s General Store was having an issue with heat and glare that was negatively impacting the customer and employee comfort in the store. After analyzing the situation, Midwest Glass Tinters suggested using a 3M Window Films product called Night Vision in a 35%. This film will help in dramatically reducing both the heat and glare in the facility while still …

3M Exterior Prestige on Triple Pane Windows

3M Exterior Prestige Handles Sun Issues on Triple Pane Windows

Until recently, there were not many options to help prevent heat, glare and fading if a home had triple pane windows. All of that changed with the introduction of the 3M Exterior Prestige line of window films. Now, even with triple pane windows, you can get unprecedented heat reduction, cut unwanted glare and reduce the UV rays that are a …

3M Car Tinting

Quality Window Tint Can Upgrade Any Car

A high quality window tint job can make every car look better even if you do not want your windows too dark. This BMW has 3M Crystalline 40% installed. This gives the car a nice look and blocks over 50% of the heat coming through the glass. Give us Midwest Glass Tinters a call at (847) 487-8777 to upgrade your …

Whiteout Window Film by 3M

Decorative Window Film Conceals Framework, Walls and Shelving

Often in commercial buildings the interior framework, walls, shelving, etc are visible from the outside once the space is built out to accommodate tenant needs. The visibility of these items creates bad aesthetic from the curb. One option is to install decorative window film on the windows to conceal these items. Decorative window film gives the building a uniform appearance …

Car Window Tinting

3M Window Film Makes a Great Car Even Better!

What to make a magnificent car like this Bentley even better? Some quality 3M Window Film will make this car look hot, while keeping the interior cool. Call us today at (847) 487-8777 to get a free quote on making your car even better with 3M window Film.