3M Car Tinting

Quality Window Tint Can Upgrade Any Car

A high quality window tint job can make every car look better even if you do not want your windows too dark. This BMW has 3M Crystalline 40% installed. This gives the car a nice look and blocks over 50% of the heat coming through the glass. Give us Midwest Glass Tinters a call at (847) 487-8777 to upgrade your …

Car Window Tinting

3M Window Film Makes a Great Car Even Better!

What to make a magnificent car like this Bentley even better? Some quality 3M Window Film will make this car look hot, while keeping the interior cool. Call us today at (847) 487-8777 to get a free quote on making your car even better with 3M window Film.

3M Window Film Upgrades this Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Gets the Royal Treatment with 3M Auto Tint

When you are proud of you car and only want to treat it to the best, think 3M Window Films. Backed by a lifetime warranty, you can’t go wrong giving your car a film that looks terrific and lasts as long as 3M Window Film. Call the team at Midwest Glass Tinters today at (847) 487-8777 to get a free …